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Jay Casio has tried to forge a new identity since going solo from his initial outfit, one-half of Oakland party rappers RnB Millionaires. In 2014, the autotuned rap-singer first traded in the jokey club-friendly anthems for the syrupy exposé on Water Based, then released 2017's more sunshine-y Jaycation. In that transformation, Jay seemed to have found the perfect producer partner in Text Me Records signee, Nanosaur




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Coming up in cypher circles and freestyle battle arenas, Tia Nomore forced her entry into hip-hop’s boys club. The 22-year-old’s claim as Oakland rap’s little sister started as a teenager when she would jump into her older brother’s rap circles and ditch class to record G-funk-inspired hyphy music. Tia’s fiery wits, lyrical dismantling and command for respect earned her studio time with HBK Gang’s Show Banga, Iamsu! and Too $hort producer Exclusive, and that combo of qualities has been the bedrock throughout her continuous transformation into a fully-realized artist. - Taken from Rocket Radio Premiere of “Tokidoki Lenses”




Rocket Radio

“Tokidoki Lenses” is a preview of Tia’s drift into a refreshed take on hyphy, with producer credits to the label’s founder Patrick Brown and rostermate Will Butler. The tandem bakes in a nostalgic 90s R&B vibe as the track alternates through beat iterations; Tia doesn’t flinch, seamlessly adjusting her flow even when she hits the chorus, spoken in Japanese. Loosely translated to, “keepin’ it one-hundred, I don’t play games”.





As a producer and engineer Brown has worked with the likes of Toro y Moi, K.Flay, Mykki Blanco, The Morning Benders, SISTERS, Darondo, and more. Often catching artists on their way up and helping to propel them forward. Recently he's started releasing original material and collaborations under the moniker Studio_Dad.

Based out of Different Fur, a studio owned by Brown (and one of San Francisco’s most historical and famed recording spaces), Text Me was formed as a writing and production team with a dozen or so talented musicians, producers, and songwriters lending to an eclectic mix of style.






Drew Arnett didn’t start producing professionally until a year before making the “I’m On” beat for Kamaiyah in 2015. “I just wanted to be a touring bass player,” he says.

Now a full-time producer and musician, Arnett spends most of his time at Different Fur as an in-house producer for the studio-affiliated label, Text Me Records. He has his gripes with the lack of an industry infrastructure in the Bay Area but sees his affiliation with Text Me as a tipping point.

“I work closely with artists at Text Me and I’m gonna be able to put the spotlight on a lot of artists in the Bay. Kinda like A&R-ing, but I’m producing too. The artist can be nobody and the producer can have such a big name and the song can go platinum. That’s what I want to do.”

Taken from the KQED article "Behind The Beats: Drew Banga" by Adrian Spinelli

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Tiffany Wilson


Tiffany is a Bay Area native who studied in the Music Recording Program at San Francisco State. She started in the industry with an internship assisting the Dirtybird crew at Om Records before moving on to digital marketing agency Fame House, where she dived into social media strategy and artist relations. She’s gone from agencies, to nightclubs, to newspapers, before coming full circle back to where she feels most at home - working for a label devoted to giving its artists the foundation and support they need for success. Rarely serious, usually working, and always in group chats full of memes.


Contact Tiffany for everything Text Me




Tim Vickers

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Born on an Island off the east coast of Canada, Tim Vickers AKA Grandbankss moved to the states at a fairly young age and began studying music and double bass. After spending 10 years producing/music directing bands in the San Francisco Bay Area Pat Brown took him under the wing of different fur and gave him a place and resources to write and produce at a professional level. A long time electronic music fan, Tim's influences run from Bjork, Arca and Mount Eerie, to Clams Casino, the RZA, and Shabazz palaces.




Devise Mag

This San Francisco producer throws down some laid back hip hop and soul incorporating layered harmonies in a unique way.

Spill Magazine

“Silver Crest” is a track written by GrandBankss while waiting for an artist to show up to his studio fashionably late. In fact the entire album was originally written and recorded on his phone at Different Fur Studios while patiently waiting for musicians to arrive, and more so when they didn’t show up.

Not Dead Yet Bay Area

Thanks to both big bankss and EIH's contributions, "Ownership" manages to radiate both breeziness and murkiness - the musical equivalent of sweet and sour soup with pieces of donut in it. It's no easy feat, and one that immediately sets the duo apart from the legions of aspiring Text Me Records' signees huddled in the rain outside of Different Fur Studios.



Bobby Renz


Bay area native Bobby Renz has been actively playing live music, producing and songwriting in and around San Francisco for over 10 years. After spending many years doing self production in home studios, he’s found a home at Different Fur Studios doing production and songwriting for Text Me Records. Working on a wide range of music from pop, experimental, R&B, hip hop, indie; his influences range from Charles Mingus, Fela Kuti, Alton Ellis, Brian Eno, Sly Stone, to Bon Iver, Travis Scott, Major Lazer, Rihanna.






Sean Paulson


Raised in the East Bay, Sean Paulson has spent the bulk of his six-year recording career at Different Fur. Trained at nearby Ex’pression College, Paulson found himself inspired by the tones and textures found on albums like My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless or The Microphones’ The Glow Pt. 2, Paulson became laser-focused on providing musicians with the perfect sounds, so that they could keep their attention on songwriting and performance.






Jordan Blackmon

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Jordan Blackmon is a Columbia, SC-raised/Los Angeles, CA-based musician, producer and songwriter. After nearly a decade as the live guitarist for Toro y Moi, he decided to hit the brakes on touring and shift his focus towards the studio.

His influences are eclectic, ranging everything from International Funk to Northern Soul to Harsh Noise to American Primitive - this helps him bring a unique perspective into all of his sessions.







Originally from Sacramento, CA, or Iceland where she likes to convince people, Leviathe grew up on punk, and jazz, which pushed her to pursue a B.A. in Music at UCDavis. There she took the classical route in ethnomusicology/percussion performance. During that time she became deeply ingrained in the college freeform radio station KDVS 90.3fm which exposed her to a lot experimental music. She now plays drums/sings in Kat Morgan and drums for Heather D'angelo (Au Revoir Simone). Aside from that she just finished composing the score for "The Foundation presents: X" feature length film.

She now works as an engineer, designer, and community


organizing at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco. She produces and writes for Text Me Records and is 1/3 of LMSFN music organization both based in San Francisco. She also works with Matthew Pereira under the name LIEMA for their film audio company.

Her newest project is with Nancy Tran for the EP ‘Tomorrow, for sure’ coming out in 2019. Nancy and Leviathe where awarded a grant from Red Envelope Giving Circle to fund this project.

Currently Lien is working under the producer name, Leviathe, on projects of Au Revoir Simone, Komak, Marie Jenkins, Jelli, Tia NoMore, Coco Layne, NBC, and Nenci. She is also working on her upcoming solo EP projected to be out in 2019.







Born and raised in the Bay, Matt Pereira has been producing anything from electronic music to sound design for film, for almost a decade. Experienced in all forms of synthesis, you can often find him creating textured and animated sounds in his free time. After several years of producing and schooling, he has joined the Text Me Records crew as a Producer/Song Writer, taking influence from artists such as Deadmau5, Skrillex, & Feed Me. Also known by his producer moniker Kōmak, he has released several energetic electronic singles such as XYZ & Sanctuary through Text Me Records.





Will Butler


A writer, producer and recording artist with a knack for reinvention, you never quite know where Will Butler will pop up. Currently churning out infectious, gritty pop hooks under the name Social Work, Butler also collaborates with many artists on the Text Me Records label. Legally blind since his teens, Butler crafts his productions with a clever mix of adaptive techniques, to the point where some people forget he can hardly see. Follow Social Work on SoundCloud and read Butler's writings in VICE, The New York Times and more.






Alton San Giovanni

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Shannon Harney


A mountain kid living in San Francisco, Shannon Harney blends forest folk and indie pop for a sound described as "a three-way mix of Fiona Apple, Joanna Newsom, and a sudden summoning of strength from a wounded bird." After touring the west coast with SF darlings Be Calm Honcho for the past three years, Shannon is stepping out on her lonesome to hone her lyrical dark magic. Her songs range from aggressive to docile and prove she's just as ready to strike as she is to recoil.







Windmills is Los Angeles based Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Wayne Mills.

“Classic Tascam Portastudio Bedroom Folk” –

Established in 2007, Windmills has released multiple Eps such as ‘The Fire’ and ‘We Move Air’ both released to cassette, in addition to his April 2016 release of ‘UNVRSL’, and upcoming 2017 LP ‘Call Me Crazy’.

"I think one of the reason why I love lo-fi music is its spirit. Without the presence of over editing and compression, the soul of the song still remains intact. I stumbled upon Windmills the other night and felt an immediate closeness to the songs." – No Experience Necessary Blog

Mills also plays Electric Guitar for the San Francisco based Indie Rock group Owl Paws.





Tavahn Ghazi


Went to Los Angeles Music Academy with a focus in composition and guitar playing at first, and then transitioned into bass and drums. Won auditing rights and scholarships to CalArts and Musicians Institute where necessary information was also gathered. Grew up in a persian household which manifested a serious a love for world music and, somehow, soul/funk and R&B. Eventually becoming a self taught digital producer and keyboard player as well, with the hopes of finding a path to consummate expression and honesty through the art of music.

I have done session playing with multiple instruments and myriad genres as well as composition and arrangement. Works with Cocorosie mostly and a house musician and producer with Different Fur Studios in San Francisco since 2014. Worked as a musician and musical advisor with Oddfuture, Cass Mccombs, Cat Power, Brian Lebarton, Patrick Brown, adventuresOf, Past Life Billionaires, Daniel Lynas, and others. Based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Text Me Records, forever and a day.






William Robert


The soulful sound of William Robert is designed to lift listeners out of the gray. A former NFL football player for the Detroit Lions and the UT Longhorns - turned pop R&B lyricist and vocalist - Robert will release a string of singles starting with Texas on April 28th 2017. He credits the raw emotion and vulnerability expressed in his music to influences like the Notorious B.IG., Sarah McLachlan, and Coldplay. These tracks embody what it means to start a new family while


pursuing the most difficult thing one can do: expressing yourself honestly through art.

The singles to be released include a feature by go-to Bay Area backing band The Park as well as vocalist Nona Brown, who has worked alongside artists such as The Fray and Lenny Williams, and Claire George of HEARTWATCH. Texas will be one of the first releases under new label Text Me Records.












Romeo Richard Little aka BRUH FROM LAST NIGHT aka little daddy wasn't actually born anywhere. It crash landed on earth to save the planet and find the 7 dragonballs with his sidekick Mikos Da Gawd and the help of the Text Me Force. He has a voice of a drunken angle oh i mean angel. The two oozies on his face represent good and evil and its divide in the constant battles we face (all on top of the dome)... after he defeats his arch nemesis, DDot. Don't Trip. I got y'all the end. 

Romeo Richard Little aka BRUH FROM LAST NIGHT aka little daddy wasn't actually born anywhere. It crash landed on earth to save the planet and find the 7 dragonballs with his sidekick Mikos Da Gawd and the help of the Text Me Force. He has a voice of a drunken angle oh i mean angel. The two oozies on his face represent good and evil and its divide in the constant battles we face (all on top of the dome)... after he defeats his arch nemesis, DDot. Don't Trip. I got y'all the end. 




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Bobbi Rohs is a San Francisco based singer, writer, and producer born and raised in the Bay Area. After teaching herself how to play guitar at a young age, the artist begin to write songs for family events and church services. Once in high school she began learning different music software and debuted on the scene in 2015 with her first pubic release “That’s Bae”.

This single gained the artist quite the buzz and was featured on Tricycle Records 2016 new artist compilation. Since then Bobbi Rohs has release several songs and has positioned herself as more than just an aspiring singer by joining San Francisco based recording studio 'Different Fur' as a writer and session artist.

The singer is said to be inspired by a wide range of music from Missy Elliot to Cursive, which contributes to her distinctive sound and vocal range. Friends commonly describe Rohs's music as "Punk R&B, experimental electronica, jazzy, and folk trap". She has recently released her first full length album titled "HideAway" and is working on a second project with various producers in San Francisco where she currently lives.







Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.41.02.png

Originally from the beach cities of Southern California, Sam’s early influences include Bob Marley, Sublime, and No Doubt.

After falling on tough times, the loss of his mother and the subsequent quasi-homelessness, he moved to the Bay Area where he has a legacy of four generations. His Great Grandfather built thousands of homes, many along San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in the first half of the 20th century. San Francisco was always a place Sam wanted to be.

Sam says, “Writing songs was the way I occupied my mind. It was the only thing that really interested me and


held my focus.” After several failed bands and a series of entry level jobs, Sam decided to strike out on his own as a solo performer. He began street performing daily in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, an idea he credits his Uncle with. “The first day I went out I made $60. I said to myself ‘I bet one day I’ll make $100.’ And then it became, ‘I bet I can make $200.’” In this way Sam supported himself for more than 2 years. One CD at a time, one dollar at a time. On July 4th 2012 Sam sold 100 CD’s in 3 hours. “I ran out of CD’s! I nearly had a panic attack. I knew that meant I had something, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Many of the successes and relationships Sam has had since, are directly related to the time spent busking. For instance, Sam recently joined Andy Grammer for the West Coast portion of his “Honey I’m Good Tour,” performing live in front of thousands each night as Andy’s only opening act.

Sam’s latest single “Future Me” made its debut on The Bay Area's LIVE 105.3FM. The music video followed shortly after, hitting its first 100,000 views on Facebook in only 2 days.

In addition to writing and performing for audiences, Sam’s original music is often heard in TV shows on FOX, BRAVO, MTV, SPIKE and more. He is currently writing and recording songs for The UFC. His original theme music is also part of an upcoming series on A&E.

Although he is no longer street performing, Sam maintains a busy performance schedule with over 200 shows per year, playing dozens of college events, corporate events (Oakley Sunglasses, Oracle, Red Bull, Casamigos Tequila, and many more), plus festivals, tour dates, and a weekly residency with The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.

Sam recently signed a record deal with San Francisco's Text Me Records. Sam’s first single with Text Me, “Palm Trees,” was released March 23, 2018. The song, about an ex-lover from Hawaii, is true to Sam’s sometimes chill California sound, playful and clever. The underlying message is a little less light hearted: “No one is an island, but damn if you ain’t trying to be…Just you and the palm trees.”








Douglas still relishes that time indoors, tucked away in the studio — except he’s not always by himself anymore. Just as producers and vocalists need each other, fellow producers can drive one another’s creativity. Douglas is part of a loosely formed Bay Area collective of hip-hop producers, many of whom we’ll be profiling this week as part of this series. “In producer culture, we stay in a room and work,” he says. “It’s about bringing people together and creating these collages.”

“People lose sight of the fact that you can make a huge impact while remaining mysterious,” he says. “That’s kinda why I got into producing.”