Mikos Da Gawd


Douglas still relishes that time indoors, tucked away in the studio — except he’s not always by himself anymore. Just as producers and vocalists need each other, fellow producers can drive one another’s creativity. Douglas is part of a loosely formed Bay Area collective of hip-hop producers, many of whom we’ll be profiling this week as part of this series. “In producer culture, we stay in a room and work,” he says. “It’s about bringing people together and creating these collages.”

As we descend back down Bernal Hill, Douglas points to San Francisco General Hospital in the distance. “I was born right there,” he says. On the lower part of the hill, the cold wind chill dies down and a warm breeze sweeps across his open black hoodie. He stares at the building where his life began and ponders his purpose.

“People lose sight of the fact that you can make a huge impact while remaining mysterious,” he says. “That’s kinda why I got into producing.”






The Bay Bridged

But Mikos has been doing some gourmet cooking in the kitchen. In his newest song, "Start Something New," Mikos serves up a side of vocals to the track's bouncy main course (the funky bassline, soulful chords, and tickling keys are signature Mikos), coaxing his muse to start anew and join him, in life, and on the dance floor. 


Ahead of that, we're being treated to "Alpines", an enriching and soulful rap track aided by Oakland rappers Ricky Lake and Young Ocean. It's long been known by Mikos Da Gawd fans that he excels when working with singers and rappers alike and the few names we've already seen attached to the project suggest we're going to see the best examples of that yet.

Hell Yeah, Brother! drops March 4 via Text Me Records, featuring guest appearances from Rexx Life Raj, Adam Vida, Bruh From Last Night, Elujay and more.

Do the Bay

Mikos shows off his dance moves and goofy personality in the clip, and we have to admit the dude has some serious rhythm. Filmed in various locations around Golden Gate Park, it’s all very picturesque and oh-so-local. The video's laid-back vibe pairs perfectly with Mikos’ chill demeanor. That's not to say he's slouching when it comes to legit vocal skills, from the casual chorus to the clever rhymes he spits about life and love.