It all started when…

One thing William Robert isn’t is typical. One thing that sets him apart from 99% of his peers is that he’s a former NFL football player for the Detroit Lions and the UT Longhorns. That, my friends, is pretty impressive. But maybe more impressive is that he’s also a solid musician. His music is a mix between indie, pop, soul, R&B, and hip hop. Maybe the real question is what style does he not incorporate into his sound. Says the man himself, “I am inspired by an artist that is courageous and does something new. The kind of new that makes me remember exactly where I was when I heard their music for the first time (Chance the Rapper, Sam Smith, Bill Withers, Coldplay, Bon Iver). These artists caused an emotional response that I crave. They tried something new and that is what I am doing with my boundary-crossing fusion of indie/pop/soul/R&B/hip-hop.” 

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