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On  Devise's  best new music

On Devise's best new music

"Ownership," the first release from producer/bassist Grandbankss (French for "big bankss"), aka Timothy Vickers, has the same effect. Big bankss has found a terrific collaborator in the Oakland MC Elujay (French for "elected I have"); big bankss' production is built around elegant descending guitar phrases - as well as a slightly menacing bass riff - that mesh perfectly with EIH's smart cadences. While EIH's verses are generally delivered at a steady, stately pace, it's his nimble hook that fully encapsulates his effortless vocal acrobatics.


Producer GrandBankss has been working in the Bay Area music scene for over a decade but he’s ready to get his solo career rolling. This weekend, he released his debut single ‘Ownership’ featuring Elujay under Text Me RecordsElujay continues to give grabbing performances where he flutters between melodic singing and rapping. We’re hear for anything Elujay and hearing him over quality production like GrandBankss‘ is a plus.