William Robert


The soulful sound of William Robert is designed to lift listeners out of the gray. A former NFL football player for the Detroit Lions and the UT Longhorns - turned pop R&B lyricist and vocalist - Robert will release a string of singles starting with Texas on April 28th 2017. He credits the raw emotion and vulnerability expressed in his music to influences like the Notorious B.IG., Sarah McLachlan, and Coldplay. These tracks embody what it means to start a new family while pursuing the most difficult thing one can do: expressing yourself honestly through art.

The singles to be released include a feature by go-to Bay Area backing band The Park as well as vocalist Nona Brown, who has worked alongside artists such as The Fray and Lenny Williams, and Claire George of HEARTWATCH. Texas will be one of the first releases under new label Text Me Records.





With its background harmonies, piano melodies, and redemptive qualities, William Robert’s first single, “Texas,” could very well be a gospel song. Of course, it’s not — it’s more R&B, with a hint of blues — but it just goes to show you how creative and out-of-the-box Robert is willing to be.

The Bay Bridge

"Parachute" is a lush, inviting song, with inventive production encompassing Robert's soulful declarations of love. The new track is the third in a series of weekly releases from the singer, who previously played football with the Detroit Lions.