Ricky Lake


Born in Los Angeles, Ricky Lake grew up with family hailing from the west, east, and south sides of the city. Early influences came from the likes of Pharrell, Tricky Daddy, The Postal Service, Dj Shadow, and MF Doom among others. At 15 years old, Ricky and his mom moved to the outskirts of Nashville Tennessee, and it was there young Rick started recording his own voice in his bedroom. At 18 years old Ricky started performing around downtown Nashville, and continued to do so for about a year, moving in a similar scene as Isaiah Rashad and Ducko Mcfli, but not making the music he was actually after. Fast forward to 2017 and Ricky Lake has released 3 projects; Turquoise, RikkyLake, and John. After moving to the Bay Area, the influences of Ricky Lake seemed to

alter slightly. He began diving into music by Pollari, Ruben Slikk, Goth Money, Young Thug, and other artists who moved through their scenes with ease and simplicity, creating thick atmospheric vibes with straightforward melodies. His old love for 16 bars and fully structured rap songs mixes seemingly into his new sound, creating songs like "Jane Doe" and "Checkmate". Since being in the East Bay: he’s been featured in BARE magazine (UC Berkeley’s premier arts, fashion, and lifestyle publication), he’s opened for the legend Tommy Wright III on 2 separate occasions, he’s played numerous shows around Oakland and San Francisco, helped to created the East Bay collective YEARS, and contributes music to UNCOOL Records from time to time. His project "The Mother 966", coming 2018, promises to be a significant point in the young artists career, with many more to come.






The Bay Bridged

Ricky, who admitted that part of his creative process sometimes involves being intoxicated, simply thought that wasn't a world he fit in. But after linking with Text Me Records ("Text Me is about creativity and making what you want to make happen," he says) the 24-year-old born Marcus McAlpin is dipping his toes into the sticky world of music industry with San Francisco-based imprint as his guiding light.


rikkilakes drops off a new record called “Wino” via San Francisco’s Text Me Records. It’s a woozy record about the effects of drinking. Ricky knows how to turn up.