Born on a gloomy Island off the east coast of Canada, Tim Vickers AKA GrandBankss moved to the states at a fairly young age and began studying music and double bass. After spending 10 years producing and working with bands in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pat Brown took him under the wing of Different Fur Studios and gave him a place and resources to write and produce at a professional level. Working with emerging Artists such as MVCK, Elujay, Ace Diego, Odie, DerekTed as well as writing his own Experimental Electronic and Bossa Nova tracks, GrandBankss is creating his place in the Bay Area music. “Ownership” featuring Elujay marks his debut.




Devise Mag

This San Francisco producer throws down some laid back hip hop and soul incorporating layered harmonies in a unique way.

Spill Magazine

“Silver Crest” is a track written by GrandBankss while waiting for an artist to show up to his studio fashionably late. In fact the entire album was originally written and recorded on his phone at Different Fur Studios while patiently waiting for musicians to arrive, and more so when they didn’t show up.

Not Dead Yet Bay Area

Thanks to both big bankss and EIH's contributions, "Ownership" manages to radiate both breeziness and murkiness - the musical equivalent of sweet and sour soup with pieces of donut in it. It's no easy feat, and one that immediately sets the duo apart from the legions of aspiring Text Me Records' signees huddled in the rain outside of Different Fur Studios.