TVRQUOISE is the Los Angeles based, genre-bending, indie pop project of vocalistand songwriter, Faye Wellman. Her 2017 self-titled EP immediately garnered positivereviews by The 405, Audiofemme, and Blackbook. TVRQUOISE’s music is described as electro-dreampop with looping vocal melodies, textured beats, and sweeping synths, and has been compared to indie act, Braids. Earmilk put it best: TVRQUOISE’s music is “a beautiful dichotomy of pessimism and optimism.”

Faye Wellman grew up immersed in music and the arts while moving between various towns of Michigan’s west coast. At the early age of three, she remembers singing songs from Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, an album favorited by her mother. At this young age, Faye began accompanying her mother to

private voice lessons, absorbing her earliest memories of vocal training.

During her adolescence, Faye attended rock music camp, founded by Bay area Blues guitarist, Jimmy Dillon (Bruce Springsteen, Sting, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, and Santana). Over a six year period, Dillon mentored Faye as the two played gigs promoting his music camp. When Wellman was thirteen, Dillon encouraged her to start writing and performing original music. Faye cites Dillon as a major influence in her musical development.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2013, Faye relocated to Los 

Angeles. Driving cross-country solo, Faye credits the experience with removing many of her mental blocks and planting the creative seed for TVRQUOISE. She was inspired after visiting a Tibetan store in Boulder, CO where the shop owner implored her to buy some turquoise prayer beads. “The woman told me about the stones: how they’resupposed to help open your throat chakra, make you release through your voice, and protect you through travels. I just thought, “this really resonates with me right now.”

In 2017, Faye met Patrick Brown - engineer, producer, and owner of Different Fur Studios and Text Me Records. TVRQUOISE soon signed with Text Me Records, leading to the creation a full length album. TVRQUOISE's debut album is set to release April 2018





What is something in your life that's been holding you back — or something you've needed to eradicate from your life, but just haven't found the courage? In dream-pop duo TVRQUOISE's debut single "Paralyze Legs," they explore this idea of the battle with the conscious to break free or continue to drudge through quicksand, helpless.

the 405

We all use others as a crutch from time to time, and this song tackles that subject straight on. So give 'Paralyzed Legs' a spin and get hyped about the new TVRQUOISE material coursing through your veins.


On their first song, this bewitching California duo forgoes traditional pop structure, instead starting with an extended intro of hiccup-chopped vocals that eventually turns into a spiraling synth séance. The former Berklee College of Music students put your head in the clouds with a digi-sprawl reminiscent of early Braids and keep your feet on the ground with tactile lyrics.


“Paralyzed Legs” documents a young woman’s realization that she’s in a dangerously co-dependent relationship – a motif we can most certainly relate to. The video is a representation of being trapped so to speak – depicting someone caught beneath a white sheet, struggling to break free perhaps.


“A group of friends, including the person I was pretty much hopelessly in love with, jumped the fence to the neighborhood pool. I jumped in the pool and waited for him to follow — he never did. To an outsider, it seemed like a meaningless, passing moment, but within that moment I realized how symbolic this scenario was of our entire relationship,” she says. “Three years later I finally let go of the hope that he would come around and this song was written as a reflection.”


It's not hard to believe that both Faye Wellman and Matt Hogan of LA electro-pop du TVRQUOISE have had formal training in music; indeed, the pair met in Boston while they were studying at Berklee College of Music. And their music exhibits much a classicism as it does whimsy.