Too Much Future


"An odyssey into the sublime, Los Angeles-based duo Ex-Poets’ upcoming album Too Much Future finds serenity in the warm-dreaminess of its soundscapes. In the ensuing twilight that Jordan Brooks and Colin Killalea (both members of Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes solo project) have so quietly manifested a severe introspection runs deep throughout, one that seems to question more than it answers. But it’s in their unhinging pursuit of the abstract that Ex-Poets excels, conjuring up the purest moments of loneliness, regret, and unmitigated love." - Grimy Goods

"'Too Much Future' might come across as an easy-listening album, what with its laid-back tempo and moody, contemplative melodies, but half-way through the off-kilter jazz influenced opening track 'Our Homes', it's instantly clear that there's something much deeper at play here." - Meaww

"Coupled with lithe synths that snake their way around Colin Killalea's purposely elliptical lyrics, the pair establish a smooth, summery groove albeit one with an underlying sense of longing. It's a song that succeeds in leaving a lasting emotional impression" - Popmatters on single "Still Waiting"

"Ex-poets’ “Tracks” is one of those songs that could soundtrack a daydream. It’s effervescent, dreamy and floating, featuring pleasant waves of synths and soft vocals over a simple but present drum beat, reminiscent of early Washed Out. " - Buzz Bands LA

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