Currently working on the upcoming TWENTYSOMETHINGS,

“Sideways” signals the sentiments of trying to maintain while being in the middle of the movement’s zeitgeist. With production supplied by Ryan Fam that sounds patterned after paranormal motion & a treated vocal assist from Lutz—Yared calibrates focuses on keeping up the climb while staying steadfast in the game & grind. Sipping slow while the world around the artist spins fast, Kiflai’s vocals emerge out of the production like still-life art surrounded by time-elapsed visions of day-to-night city scenes that are both sped-up & slowed-down all at the same time. The pedal to the metal ’til it crash ethos is coupled with the rhyme schemes & dreams of golden brass accolades as the artist discards the dead-end ditches of doubt & mediocrity with a hunger & thirst for the finer things. With an insatiable & unquenchable volition, Yared’s vocal presence oscillates from eerie & odd electric pitch shifts to untouched isolation that spotlights verse sections full of lyrical aphorisms that express an eager drive of endless aspiration. Entertaining a futuristic artistic front provided by contributions from both Fam & Lutz’s collaboration, Yared Kiflai engages in the art of audio world building where every new day feels like day one. For Yared, every new dawn offers an opportune glimpse of future possibilities, just as “Sideways” sends the audience into an alternate space of mind & being that is somewhere in-between right-side up & the vertigo of being upside down. (IMPOSE)

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