Same Girls

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Fun at times, moody at others, Same Girls writes music to process the ever changing landscape in which they grew up. All friends and all Bay Area natives, the band reflects on the striking shift in their lives and their surroundings through their songs. Drawing inspiration from classic movements, like Motown and Grunge, and playing with 21st century sensibility, the Oakland-based act has created an idiosyncratic sound that remains familiar to casual and passionate listeners alike. Flanged guitars and crisp basslines over attacking percussion form the backdrop for vocalist Taifa Nia’s infectious hooks. Lyrically, Nia is vulnerable, reflecting on the changes in his relationships with those around him and confiding in listeners moments he’d like back. Equal parts dramatic and animated, “Young Minded,” the band’s forthcoming studio album, swings the pendulum between droning riffs and buoyant melodies in an attempt to carve an identity for themselves amidst the upheaval.




The Bay Bridged

Ah, youthful days of summer. For some of us that felt like eons ago, but Oakland band Same Girls' latest single "Sailing" recalls a sunny bliss, lifting the rainy days of January.

Lead singer Taifa Nia has a deeper message, however, beneath the groovy guitar lines and funky bass. As drummer Otto Janes describes, "'Sailing' is like a dream — the melodies suggest wish fulfillment, but there’s a darker edge to it. As if in the dream, you can’t really find what your looking for, or you have to wake up as soon as you do."

Xune Mag

San Francisco indie rockers Same Girls turn up the volume on their second single with a driving piece of sun-tinged garage rock. Sounding like a slightly more cleaned up version of the more raw, noisy sound of 80’s alternative rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr and The Replacements, “Inner Space” is a rambunctious track of youthful exuberance clearly showing that, in 2018, guitar music is still alive and kicking.

The Deli Magazine

It’s obvious from the first few seconds that Same Girls have ensnared a bolt of lightning in a bottle here, and made an instant hit. If this is any indication of what's to come on their forthcoming album Young Minded, then prepare to add a new favorite album to your list.


Bay Area quartet Same Girls likes to keep things fresh, especially evident on their latest single, “Young Minded.” Pairing a talk-speak vocal approach (think Tokyo Police Club, Bombay Bicycle Club, etc.) with discordant indie-pop guitar lines, “Young Minded” is an eccentric ditty that brings a new approach to a well-established genre.

New Noise Mag

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