There’s nothing that speaks to me more than a solid bass line and the first 40 seconds of this track by post-hardcore band Coke are nothing but that. Hello I love you, won’t you tell me your name.

Bay Area outfit Coke draws on influences from noise rock to post-hardcore to krautrock, resulting in a sound that is jarring yet familiar. It’s a little Fugazi meets The Jesus Lizard—which if you can master that kind of sound and then add your own element to it, you’re doing a damn good job. 


Post-hardcore/noise rock outfit Coke craft a memorably lo-fi brand of confrontational, angular and tongue in cheek rock. Hailing from San Francisco, their debut EP, creatively titled EP, is a five song blast with songs named after actors, desserts, and wine (maybe).

We wanted to find out a bit more, so we asked the band to tell us! And they did. Topics range from minimalist composers to Japanese bands to Beavis. Good times.