"Coke is a new punk/rock band based in the Bay Area. Their first single is titled “Da Da“ and it received enough hype for them to perform it live at the legendary Noise Pop music festival in San Francisco last night.

They are a noise rock / punk rock band. Their influence in early hardcore punk bands like Fugazi and Minor Threat is clear. “Da Da” will definitely make you want to jump around in the mosh pit! The track is very cool and filled with lots of emotions!"


Raw, unrelenting, and careening out of the Bay Area of California is Coke. A quartet who craft angry and raw slabs of post-hardcore that chunk and chew with angular riffs and acerbic vocals. Plus, they have a song called ‘Ray Liotta’. Everyone loves Ray Liotta. Right?

They also have a song called ‘Da Da’. Which is also the name of a red wine that I really love. I don’t think that Coke drink red wine. I think they bathe in the blood of their enemies and drink from their hollowed out skulls. Maybe.


Avis aux nostalgiques du Post Hardcore originel : les américains de COKE marchent dans les traces de FUGAZI. Pour vous faire une idée, vous pouvez poser une oreille sur leur dernier EP sorti la semaine dernière et dont le single "Da Da" est extrait.