Bobbi Rohs


Bobbi Rohs is a San Francisco based singer, writer, and producer born and raised in the Bay Area. After teaching herself how to play guitar at a young age, the artist begin to write songs for family events and church services. Once in high school she began learning different music software and debuted on the scene in 2015 with her first pubic release “That’s Bae”.

This single gained the artist quite the buzz and was featured on Tricycle Records 2016 new artist compilation. Since then Bobbi Rohs has release several songs and has positioned herself as more than just an aspiring singer by joining San Francisco based recording studio 'Different Fur' as a writer and session artist.

The singer is said to be inspired by a wide range of music from Missy Elliot to Cursive, which contributes to her distinctive sound and vocal range. Friends commonly describe Rohs's music as "Punk R&B, experimental electronica, jazzy, and folk trap". She has recently released her first full length album titled "HideAway" and is working on a second project with various producers in San Francisco where she currently lives.






Thirty Six Plus

self-described “shy/low-key Leo”, Bobbi flexes her powerful vocals in her latest album Hideaway, released in May 2017. With the album under her belt, this year Bobbi has several projects in the works this year, including two EPs and a music video.

The Bay Bridged

Though it’s tempting to label her future-R&B á la Kelela, her versatility as a singer proves she could take things in many different directions. Rohs sounds equally comfortable crooning over 4 on the floor, mid-tempo dance tracks like “A to B” as she is on the moody, piano-laced slow-burner “Goosebumps.” Perhaps the real standout track here is “Out of This World,” her powerful voice rising over the swirling, ambient wash like a lighthouse on a stormy night.


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