“Music helps me live in the moment. That’s the best high. It’s the best effect music can have on us” the R&B crooner, Berel, explains. Berel Alexander is a songwriter & vocalist based in the Bay Area that provides a nostalgic take on the R&B/soul genre. On the first listen, in a creamy falsetto and rich tone, BEREL entices listeners into a sound that can only be described as a gracious romance, a cooled-out version of soul, brimming with energy.  The San Francisco-based R&B singer/songwriter is turning water into waves and gathering believers along the way.

By fusing old-school R&B with soulful singing, BEREL stands in elite company with the likes of JMSN, Xavier Omär, and Tom

Misch by complimenting the sound with his own musical depth. BEREL states “Swimming in sounds, I stumbled head over heels into a surreal moment of musical bliss, trying not to take myself too seriously.” With the support of a fiery group of producers, instrumentalists, and songwriters from the Los Angeles music scene, BEREL has crafted an incomparable blend of R&B, soul, jazz, and a touch of indie folk.

BEREL pours his heart, soul, and life experiences into his music through relatable stories - a seamless weave with nostalgic

60’s and 70’s tones. Being firmly influenced by the icons of jazz and soul from the past, he continuously expands his perspective by always keeping his ears open to today’s diverse genres and styles. The resulting sound that occurs is a smooth, tasteful, enriching sound, with musical depth reminiscent of Bill Withers, Live at Carnegie Hall. The self-described “modern renaissance-man with an affinity for fashions in music of the past" has now teamed up with the Bay Area's indie savior label Text Me Records, giving him the support to catapult this undeniable talent to the top.